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Why Are Free Vpns Bad Reddit

But using a free VPN is a no good, very bad idea. “A VPN has the capability to track users’ online behavior as well as their IP,” Shahnawaz Backer, Security Specialist, F5 Networks, says. “So it’s important that a user validates the credibility and privacy clauses of the free VPN services.

“Free VPNs are insecure” Development and service operation practices are completely separate from whether the service is “free” or “paid”. It all revolves around the people behind the company. In cases of most free or paid VPNs, you have no idea who is running the company. It could be staffed by tech geniuses, or idiots.

The bad news? Many of these VPN apps could actually be sabotaging your security and privacy. A recent study by U.S. and Australian researchers found that many Android VPN apps were potentially malicious, let third parties spy on “secure” transmissions, tracked users or just plain didn’t work.

In fact, using a free VPN online could cost you a lot more than a subscription to a premium provider. Aside from the security concerns, free VPNs can turn using the internet into a massive headache, with slow speeds, constant pop-ups, and restricted streaming. Instead, look at premium VPNs as an investment. VPNs continue to grow in popularity, as more people become concerned about internet.

Why pay for a VPN when you can get if for free? : VPN

Only downside of a free VPN is that there may be ads popping up when you browse, but it’s nothing that adblock can’t take care of. All the same, it’s your call and your money, I’m merely stating the facts here and hope that gives an alternative to people who don’t want to shell out their hard-earned cash for a VPN.

If a VPN company isn’t making money off of you to offset their expenses, you would just be a liability for their business. That’s why they must be making money from your traffic somehow, maybe even through excessive monitoring, which would violate the privacy you seek as a VPN user. Becoming a customer will give you higher bandwidth because you.

Free VPNs are not recommended at all. They save logs and what not. Just stick to these 5 VPNs recommended by other Reddit users , they are really affordable these days, you only have to pay like $2-3.

There are other free VPN extensions like Zenmate and TunnelBear, but I would say use a paid VPN (perhaps IPVanihs, PureVPN, etc.). 3. level 2. Nerash. Op 6y. Sigh It was a fun ride while it lasted. I guess I’ve either got to accept that I have to pay for VPN’s or settle for localised content only. 2.

4 BEST VPNs Reddit Users Recommend in 2021 (SAFE &

  1. ExpressVPN – Best for Fast Connection Speeds. Try ExpressVPN > 30-day money-back guarantee. .
  2. ProtonVPN – Best for Cost-Effective Plans. Try ProtonVPN > 30-day money-back guarantee. Secure .
  3. Mullvad VPN – Best for Anonymity. Try Mullvad VPN > Three-hour free trial and a 30-day money .
  4. IPVanish — Best for Security Features. Try IPVanish VPN > 30-day money-back guarantee. Fantastic .


Why is Free VPN Bad Idea? At the beginning of the pandemic, VPN services experienced unprecedented demand, as much remote work required the use of such services. Today, with the impending ban of TikTok and WeChat, users again turned to these services. There are dozens of free VPNs worldwide that promise to protect your privacy while keeping you.

  1. Windscribe – Positive reviews on Reddit. 10 server locations. 10 GB/month bandwidth. Unlimited .
  2. ProtonVPN – Best Unlimited Free VPN. 3 server locations. Unlimited bandwidth. Single VPN .
  3. Hide.Me – Popular Free VPN on Reddit. 5 server locations. 10 GB/month bandwidth. Single VPN .
  4. TunnelBear – Decent Free VPN as per Reddit. 41 server locations. 500 MB/month bandwidth. 5 .
  5. Speedify – Fast for the internet as per Reddit. 53 servers in 35 countries. 2 GB/month bandwidth. 5 .


Another reason is that most free VPNs make you their product, extracting personal information, showing ads, or even installing malware. So are there any options that Reddit recommends? First of all, they often warn the person about the dangers of free VPNs and suggest getting a premium version, which is nice.

Why using a free VPN is a no good, very bad idea

But using a free VPN is a no good, very bad idea. “A VPN has the capability to track users’ online behavior as well as their IP,” Shahnawaz Backer, Security Specialist, F5 Networks, says. “So it’s important that a user validates the credibility and privacy clauses of the free VPN services. Otherwise, they risk giving up their data to advertisers or worst, cybercriminals.”.

Though there are bad free VPNs on desktop, mobile users are particularly vulnerable. Make sure to read our best VPN for iPhone and best VPN for Android guides to see our recommendations.

7 things you should know about using a free VPN. If you’re considering a free VPN, it’s smart to be aware of issues that could be related to free offerings, including these. 1. The VPN provider could be infected with malware. According to the 2016 CSIRO study, of the 10 VPNs most likely to be infected with malware, six were free ones.

I often find a free VPN will fail the smell test within an hour or two. You have to expect some latency and lower bandwidth with any VPN, but all.

Why Are Free VPNs Bad For Privacy | the Learning Counsel

Users’ bandwidth and real IP addresses are equally endangered. Here’s what can go wrong with free VPNs. Reasons why you should be wary of free VPNs 1. May contain malware. Penetrating your device is always the first and hardest step for malware, which is why many are disguised as freeware so users download them voluntarily.

Why is VPN bad? Some VPNs – particularly free VPNs – may log and sell your browsing activity to third parties. You could experience breaks in your connection. A VPN could give you a false sense of online impunity, leading you to take risks when browsing online. Free VPNS can often be worse than not using a VPN at all. Does free VPN really work?.

  • Why use a VPN? Using a VPN service will give you several advantages these include the following: …
  • Improve your internet privacy. We tend to feel pretty secure when we’re browsing the web at home, …
  • Improve online security. WiFi hotspots can be as dangerous as they are convenient, as …
  • Access more content with a VPN. When you connect to a VPN server in another location, any sites …
  • Bypass internet censorship. Similarly, a VPN can help people with more than just blocked streaming …
  • The disadvantages of using a VPN. Whilst the downsides of a VPN are relatively few, it is still …


Free VPNs are bad for you. The internet is a hostile place for the privacy-minded. Internet providers can sell your browsing history, governments can spy on you and tech titans collect huge.

Best free VPN: Try these services for up to 30 days, risk

Whatever virtual private network you choose, here are five reasons why you should never use a free VPN. 1. Free VPNs simply aren’t as safe . Free VPNs can be very dangerous. Why?.

  1. Nord VPN (72% Off) 30-day money back guarantee. 15% student discount. Server selection. Visit .
  2. Surfshark (82% Off) 30 day refund policy. Introductory Coupons. No trial period. Visit Surfshark. .
  3. ExpressVPN. 30-day money back guarantee. 3 month trial period when you buy 12+ months. .
  4. VyprVPN. 3 day free trial upon purchase. Offers are regularly updated. 30-day guarantee when .
  5. Windscribe. 3-day money back guarantee. Free version depending on location. Upgrade available if .
  6. TunnelBear. Free version. Promos appear on social media accounts. Wide network. Visit .
  7. 30-day money back guarantee. Free service with lower speed and only 3 countries. .
  8. Trust.Zone. 3-day free trial. Promotions regularly updated on website. Various payment methods. .
  9. Private Tunnel. 7-day free trial. Easy to use. Secure. Visit PrivateTunnel. Good download and upload .
  10. Vanished VPN. 3-day free trial. Fast speed. Zero traffic logs. Visit VanishedVPN. Wide variety of .


  1. ProtonVPN. ProtonVPN is one of the most popular free VPNs services on the planet. It is ideal for .
  2. Windscribe. Windscribe free version will offer you 10 GB of free data per month and access to 10 .
  3. TunnelBear. TunnelBear offers 500 MB of free data per month. It is roughly enough to watch a show .
  4. offers 10 GB of free data per month. That’s more than enough data to check your .
  5. Hotspot Shield. The last one on our list is Hotspot Shield that only offers a single location with its .


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