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Surfshark Netflix Error

How to fix Netflix Proxy Error with Surfshark
– Flush your DNS. Try accessing Netflix with Surfshark by flushing your DNS so that your IP and DNS do not mismatch. …
– Switch to a Streaming Specific Protocol. To fix Netflix proxy error with Surfshark, you can also manually change your security protocols and select IKEv2 or PPTP, whichever is ideal for …
– Restart Router. Restart your router. …

  • Netflix Site Error (happens when trying to log in). Sometimes Netflix is unable to process login …
  • Whoops, something went wrong… You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Netflix proxy error …
  • Netflix region does not change. That might happen if you are located in a European country and try …
  • NW-2-5 error. This error usually indicates connectivity issues between your device and Netflix …
  • Netflix content is loading, but does not start. If that happens on your device, here is what you could …


  1. If You See a Netflix Site Error (While Logging In) For some reason, Netflix might have a hard time .
  2. If You See the 7111-5059 Error Code. The 7111-5059 error code is every VPN user’s worst fear, as it .
  3. If You See the NW-2-5 Error Code. The NW-2-5 Netflix error message indicates that there’s a .
  4. If You Can’t Change Your Netflix Region. When switching between different Surfshark servers, you .
  5. If Netflix Content Loads But Doesn’t Start. And lastly, Surfshark might not work with Netflix in the .


Maintaining your online security and privacy is a right. However, a VPN can prove tricky to work with Netflix. If you’re streaming content that’s local to you with a VPN and you get the m7111-1331-5059 error, try connecting to a different server or contacting your VPN provider’s customer service. If that fails, try a different provider like Surfshark!.

Does Surfshark Work with Netflix? Try This Fix

Surfshark is currently one of only a few VPNs that works well with Netflix, but on occasion you may come across the painfully familiar Netflix proxy error. Netflix’s “Streaming Error” message. “Oops, something went wrong.

When you get an error message on a streaming service because of your location, it’s called geo-restriction. It happens all the time, and this article will tell you how you can use Surfshark to get around it and watch any show you want on Netflix from any country at any time.

Why NordVPN and Surfshark are the best if you want to get completely rid of error message M7037-1111 on Netflix. Both NordVPN and Surfshark have implemented a SmartDNS service within their VPN service. This is possible because they run their own DNS servers that you use whenever you connect to one of their VPN servers.

Can You Unblock US Netflix With Surfshark? Lets Find Out! Surfshark 20% Discount: you get a streaming error wi.

Get rid of error code M7037

An easy way to watch Netflix without M7037-1111 or other proxy and unblocker errors. How?Use NordVPN: Use Surfshark:

You can access your local Netflix with Surfshark VPN! Follow my easy step-by-step guide to watch Netflix with Surfshark and get fast, lag-free streaming today!.

Surfshark Netflix Error, Blocked, Slow, or Not Working? Despite everything going for it, Surfshark is not a perfect VPN. Quite rarely, its servers become unable to bypass Netflix’s blocks.

However, if Surfshark is not working with Netflix, you should: Clear the cache. Sometimes, the information stored in your browser is exposing your real IP address, thus activating Netflix’s anti-VPN technology. Google Chrome users should click on the three.

How to troubleshoot smart DNS issues? – Surfshark Customer

The IP address at does not match with the one on your TV; Streaming service is unreachable . If you have successfully set smart DNS on your device, but your preferred streaming service is not working, here are several things you should try: Try both smart DNS servers.

Yes! Detroit works, however this gets me thinking what will happen to my VPN subscription once Netflix blocks Detroit too. There are no other options and the Surfshark smart DNS service isn’t working.. I paid for the 27 month deal, so if it breaks I am left with a useless service and need to buy another.

M7111-1331-5059. Are you familiar with this proxy error code? The M7111-1331-5059 is the most common proxy error code among Netflix users. Sometimes, this error occurs despite the fact of you being connected to a VPN. However, it could also be due to you using a VPN that isn’t so good for a platform like Netflix.

While other VPNs will give you the NSEZ-403 error, or just simply show you the Netflix original content (and not the actual content of a country), SurfsharkVPN will help you watch content on Netflix in more than 10 different countries, including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Netherlands, UK, Canada, USA, France, and some more. Surfshark VPN with 30-day money back guarantee.

Do Surfshark Netflix Work Together? Yes, They Do! [Tested

Performance of Surfshark Netflix Servers. While Surfshark’s ability with Netflix is indubitably strong, there is also the factor of speed to consider. Our latest Surfshark speed tests were performed on a 100 Mbps connection. Unfortunately, Surfshark did not live up to standards set by some of its competitors like ExpressVPN.

A seven-day totally free trial for Android, iOS and Mac provides you some time to sample the service for yourself. We ‘d like something longer, with Windows assistance, too, but it seems unreasonable to complain when lots of service providers have no trials at all.


  83 % off VPN deal. + 3 months FREE. Get Surfshark. All you need in a VPN — and more. in one easy-to-use app. Keep your data safe. Protect your personal data by disguising what you do online. Protect all your devices. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe with a single subscription covering an unlimited number of devices.

However, in my case, and in other reviews of user experiences, the error code of F7111-5059 usually occurs when Netflix security technologies detect the use of a VPN to access its service. This issue will most likely appear sometimes out of bad luck, or in most cases where the VPN you are using isn’t strong enough to bypass the Netflix geo-restrictions.

Netflix Error Code m7111

The Netflix error code m7111-1331-5059 message appears if Netflix identifies that you’re using a VPN to access region-restricted content. This means that the VPN you’re using isn’t able to successfully unblock Netflix.

  1. Reboot the Home Network. When you encounter the error code: ui3012 on your Netflix app, the first .
  2. Check If the Network Supports Streaming. When your computer is connected to other networks, the .
  3. Boost the Signals of Wi-Fi. The weak Wi-FI signal has negative impact on the connectivity of your .
  4. Disable the Browsers Extensions. As mentioned earlier, the interference of browsers’ extensions is .


OUR WORK. Our team has tested more than 50 VPN and more are soon to come. Every month, we update our tests to keep you up to date. Based on the test results, we decide which ones are the Best VPN providers.

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