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how to unblock sites on vodafone broadband

The best solution is to use a VPN . By installing and running a virtual private network on your Vodafone device, you can secure every piece of data that leaves the hardware, ensuring you always stay safe whenever you connect. Boost your privacy and unblock sites on Vodafone’s network with these trusted VPNs:

Re: Blocked sites. 13-01-2018 04:41 PM. You are very welcome. If you get stuck please speak with the dedicated Broadband Team who will be able to help. contact-us. 08080 034 515 for Home Broadband support (free from all UK landlines and mobiles) with lines open between 8am and 11pm, seven days a week.

Whether your device is connected to the internet using our data network or our home broadband network, you can set up a bar that blocks sites hosting content with hate, violence, weapons, drugs, crime, alcohol, tobacco, gambling and dating themes. Here’s how to block this content on your online account. If you have Vodafone Secure Net, you.

Setting up content controls. Content controls protect you from malicious sites and enable you to prevent access to inappropriate content. To complete your broadband setup, move the slider to choose the content control setting you want, then click ‘Apply content control settings’.

6 Ways to Unblock Blocked Sites

  • Using Web-Based Proxy Server: Find a good web-based proxy server. Proxy servers act as medium, …
  • Using Translation Service: Visit an online translation site. These sites can act as a proxy by using …
  • Using Virtual Private Network: Download VPN software. You can open all the blocked sites simply …
  • Using URL Shortener: Visit a URL shortening site. There are a number of these sites to choose from. …
  • Accessing Sites Through a Web Cache: Pull up Google search on your browser. Google search is …


A VPN can help bypass bandwidth throttling in some situations. To avoid ISP throttling, using VPN is the best solution. By installing and running a virtual private network on a Vodafone device, users can not get rid of Vodafone internet slow problem but also secure every bit of data that leaves the hardware, ensuring they always stay safe.

Here are the very quick summary steps to unblock sites using DNS servers: Find your network settings under Control Panel; Go to Network & Internet….Network & Sharing Center. Right click on your connection and select Properties. Select TCP/IPv4 Properties. Select Use the Following DNS Servers. Manually input Google DNS Servers (;

Nov 6, 2007. #1. Vodacom do not sell network locked modems in South Africa. However, the software supplied with the modems; Vodafone Mobile.

Vodafone Mobile Wi

your SIM is blocked, you will need to enter your Personal Unblocking Key (‘PUK’) to unblock it again. If you cannot remember your PIN or PUK codes, you can get them from your mobile.

Censorship on the internet takes on many forms. Governments in certain countries might limit internet access to protect their political stability, force a set of traditional morals on their citizens, or maintain national safety. Sometimes online platforms and websites are blocked for economic reasons.

2. Open your router’s configuration page. If the sites you want to block aren’t encrypted, you can usually block them using your router’s built-in tools. To access these, open the router’s configuration page in a web browser on a computer that’s connected to.

1. First of all Download Universal master code. Universal master code is used to calculate the unlock and Flash codes. 2. Now just plugin your data card. 3. Now extract rar and run the software. 4. Note down your IMEI number from device and put it in software.

How to unlock your mobile phone. Vodafone NZ.

There is no charge to unlock a mobile phone that was bought from us more than 9 months ago. There is a $30 (incl. GST) fee to unlock a mobile phone bought less than 9 months ago. Steps to unlock your Vodafone mobile. Simply click the button below, and follow the steps to.

You can connect with our live chat team by clicking the Chat button on this screen. Or, you can call customer care on the numbers below. From Vodafone phones: 1907 for Billpay, Broadband, Landline & TV. 1747 for Pay as you go. From abroad (Vodafone mobile only): +35312038232 (normal rates) Useful links. shopping-trolley-mid.

Wait for the page to load, then run an IP address lookup. Look at the box at the top beneath “Your IP address”. If it shows a country other than the one you’re currently in, the VPN is working correctly. If the box shows your physical location, you may need to check with your VPN provider to resolve an IP leak error.

In order to unlock a Hauwei Ascend G300 or Hauwei Ascend G510, follow the instructions below. Insert a non-Vodafone SIM card; Switch ON the handset; The handset should display: ‘Network is locked, please enter unlock code’ Enter NAC / unlock code provided to you by Vodafone; Press ‘OK’ Handset should display ‘Completed’.

Unlock Your Device From Our Network | Vodafone Australia

Check the device was purchased from Vodafone, 3 Mobile or Crazy John’s. If not, contact the service provider you purchased it from. Check the IMEI number Check the IMEI number you entered into our online unlocking tool is correct. Check your SIM is active Check your Vodafone SIM card is active.

· Vodafone unlock code, also referred to as Vodafone NUC (Network Unlock Code), is a code used on devices locked to Vodafone to make them accessible to other networks. Once you use the Vodafone unlock code on your device, removing the existing SIM and replacing it with a different one becomes possible.

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The different ISP sections listed below will walk you through the steps to unblock IPVanish on each of the different ISP networks. If you would like to jump to a particular section, simply click on any of the links given below: … Click here to check out the video on Vodafone Broadband content controls.

How to Unlock Vodafone iPhone

How to Unlock Vodafone iPhone: Official Method to unlock iPhone on Vodafone Network . The official method to unlock Vodafone iPhone is simple and easy but requires extensive time and conditions to be met. The carrier provider, in our case, Vodafone, allows unlocking from their site and requires around 72 hours to finally complete.

To unblock your sim, you’ll need to key in your puk. If the wrong puk is entered ten times, your sim will be blocked permanently. If you can’t use vco, call customer services on 191 free from your vodafone mobile. Connect the vodafone huawei r218h 4g mifi to the pc by cable or wifi. Message to enter a network unlock code should appear.

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