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how to solve dsc authentication failed in eprocurement

To solve the Dsc authentication failed error in eProcurement we need to work on java . As we know that the problem is appearing due to the java version. You need to uninstall the java version running in your system and install the latest java in 32 bit. Then restart your system and try to login again.

Fixed:- dsc authentication failed , DSC login error in e tenderContact: 9971797803 www.tender-expertThe video explains the process to solve dsc authentic.

How to check which Java version is running in your system? 1: Go to the control panel. 2: Find java in the list of all items. 3: Click on the java option a java control panel window will appear. 4: Click on the Java option given in the top menu. 5: Click on the View option. 6: You will see the.

1. Don’t try to tamper the contents of Token. If Private Key of DSC is deleted, DSC is useless. 2. Don’t try to Export the DSC from Token in PFX Form. It will not be generated. 3. Never click on Initialization Button. This will delete your DSC and you will have to purchase it again. 4. Do not enter.

Resolve error

How to resolve error – “Authentication has failed at emas” Go to My Profile Click on Register/ Update DSC The Register Digital Signature Certificate page is displayed. In the PAN of Authorized Signatory drop-down list, select… Click the UPDATE.

How to uninstall java from the system? Go to the Control panel. Click on Program and Features. Select java from the list of applications which is appearing this window. Click on uninstall then click on next or allow if the system asks.

how to solve dsc authentication failed in e-procurement. Column ‘M’ should either contain a formula with default value as zero or blank at row 17. Please Enter the Bidder Name for the Cell B8 Name of Bidder/Bidding/ Firm / Company: in the Sheet BoQ1. BoQ file is protected/Unable to read Boq File.

If your FireFox version is Newer then 52.x, Mircorsoft edge, Google chrome 45.x or newer then you can not use or any state govt’s e procurement website. List of effected Govt E tendering websites due to this.

Authentication has failed at emas error in GST

Hi friends in this video am going to show you how to update the dsc in gst to file nill returns.

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What is eProcurement? e-Procurement is the process by which the physical tendering activity is carried out using internet and associated technologies. 9. What is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)? Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are the digital equivalent (that is.

If the correct DSC is inserted and the system is unable to identify the certificate then reinsert the DSC again and try. If still the same error then uninstall the DSC driver and install it again. This should solve the “ system is unable to identify the certificate. Please verify the certificate is.

e tendering portal setting and setup for internet explorer

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Add the URL of any government website (https) to the trusted sites list in the internet option. ( Open your browser -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites -> Sites -> Type the URL -> Click on Add -> OK ). Change ActiveX Controls And Plug-Ins status to Enable. ( Open your browser -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites -> Custom Level.

Step 1- Go to Internet Explorer (press ALT-X) Step 2- Go to Internet options > Content tab. Step 3- Click the Certificates button. Select your DSC certificate. Click the View button. Step 4- Click the Details tab of your certificate. Scroll down and go to Key Usage. It should be “Digital Signature, Non-Repudiation”.

Go to, fill up online form using “Register” link. You can enter your preferred USER ID and password which will be initially be in disable state. 3. Do I get confirmation mail after registration? Yes. All successful Vendors will get email communication. Please check your email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Digital Signature India

Q. What type of Digital Signature Certificate is required for e-Tendering, e-Procurement, Trademark / Patent filing? Ans. Class 3 Company / Organization User certificate is required for e-Tendering, e-Procurement , Trademark / Patent filing. Class 3 is the highest type of Digital Signature Certificate. it can be issued for 1 years or 2 years.

you use the same for eProcurement activity. d. More than 15 failed attempts using wrong password will disable your eToken. The DSC can never be retrieved. You will have to apply for a fresh Digital Certificate that will take minimum 3 days.

E TENDER #2 HOW TO INSTALL AND SET JAVA JRE 2. How to setup Java JRE. How to fix application blocked by Java Security error.

How to use Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for e-tendering; dsc not working ineprocurement/how do i fix dsc authentication failed in eprocurement/how tosolve dsc authentication failed in e-procurement/dsc authentication failed in etender/digital signature certificate for e-procurement/dsc setting foreprocurement/how to map dsc in eprocurement/system is unable to.


I’m interesting in exploring possibility to authenticate user using their Digital Certificate. The methodology is to first register the DSC from the user and keep their Public key along with Serial No. and Name etc. Later when user selects the same DSC at login page then encrypt some data from their private key and transfer the same over internet to Web application and decrypt using their registered.

Get your DSC for e-Tender Apply Now. Digital Signature Certificate and e-Tendering. e-Procurement facilitates, integrates, and streamlines procurement processes. From buyer to supplier and even back. Approved under the Information Technology Act, and with legal status, a Digital Signature Certificate is essential for all e-Procurement processes.

No, at any point of time only one DSC can be mapped with one user account. Multiple Login-IDs cannot be enrolled for a single DSC. 15. I already have purchased one DSC for use in other e-Tendering system. Can I use the same DSC for e-Procurement portal? Yes. As long as the DSC is valid and as per the requirements of the e-Procurement portal, the.

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