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globalprotect application split tunnel

The split tunnel settings are assigned to the virtual network adapter on the endpoint when the GlobalProtect app establishes a tunnel with the gateway . Avoid specifying the same access route as both an include and an exclude access route; doing so results in a misconfiguration.

In addition to route-based split tunneling, the GlobalProtect app for Windows and macOS endpoints now supports split tunneling based on destination domain, client process, and HTTP/HTTPS video streaming application. This enhancement requires a GlobalProtect subscription.

With a GlobalProtect subscription, you can enforce or apply split tunnel rules to Windows and macOS endpoints. The split tunnel capability allows you to conserve bandwidth and route traffic to: Tunnel enterprise SaaS and public cloud applications for comprehensive SaaS application visibility and control to avoid risks associated with Shadow IT in environments where it is not feasible to tunnel all.

Network > GlobalProtect > Gateway > Agent > Client Settings > Client-Config > Split Tunnel > Domain and Application GlobalProtect Config Split Tunnels . Specify the domains for which you want to exclude the traffic outside of your VPN tunnel under EXCLUDE DOMAIN option. In the configuration snapshot above, we have excluded traffic for following domains from VPN tunnel:.

Configure a Split Tunnel Based on the Domain and

You can configure a split tunnel without specifying a destination IP address subnet, which extends the split tunnel capability to domains and applications with dynamic public IP addresses, such as SaaS and public cloud applications. When you configure a split tunnel to exclude traffic—IPv4 and IPv6—based on the destination domain and port (optional) or application, all traffic for that specific.

In addition to route-based split tunneling, the GlobalProtect app for Windows and macOS endpoints now supports split tunneling based on destination domain, client process, and HTTP/HTTPS video streaming application. This enhancement requires a GlobalProtect subscription.

GlobalProtect supports Split Tunnel Domain & Applications and Exclude Video Traffic features to exclude certain bandwidth clogging applications and domains to help enterprises with business continuity during high Work From Home (WFH) scenarios because of a COVID-19 pandemic or any other type of calamity.

GlobalProtect application does not block incoming connections. On Windows OS, when ‘ No direct access to local network’ is enabled and domain/application split tunnel is not configured, the GlobalProtect client enables “weak-host-send” on the physical adapter ( Windows feature ), this allows the response packet for the incoming traffic to go through the tunnel and hence the connection cannot be.

How to Exclude Application and Video Traffic from the

GlobalProtect supports Split Domain & Applications and Exclude Video Traffic features which can be configured to either exclude or include the traffic across the GlobalProtect VPN tunnel. The objective of this document is to provide enterprise administrators with information about these features and configurations.

To configure Split Tunnel Exclude Access Route on the Panorama, navigate to: Network > GlobalProtect > Gateway > Agent > Client Settings > Client-Config > Split Tunnel > Access Route > Add. Here specify the Address Group, Office 365 – Skype for Business and Teams, defined earlier. Config > Split Tunnel > Access Route.

Go back to Network > GlobalProtect > Portals and select the pertinent Portal. On the Agent tab, select the agent configuration that you want to modify. Select the App tab and set the value for ” Split Tunnel Option ” as “Both network traffic and DNS “. Additional Information.

As per Apple’s recommendations, starting macOS Catalina, GlobalProtect 5.2.4 uses macOS System Extensions to facilitate split-tunneling of.

Exclude Microsoft updates from global protect split tunnel

Domain split tunneling requires a global protect gateway license. Microsoft provides a list of IPs they use so you can exclude a list of IP’s. Or you can try excluding via application but sometimes it’s lasso pretty hard to detect the exact application.

This is under GlobalProtect – Gateways – Agent – Client Settings. The first config would be for those users that need specific domains to route through the tunnel. Specify those domains on the split tunnel – Domain and Application tab. Create a second default config for everyone else. 1.

GlobalProtect App starting 5.1.4 uses system extensions on macOS Catalina 10.15.4 or later endpoints for enabling capabilities such as: Split tunnel based on the destination domain name and application process name; Enforce GlobalProtect connections for network access (see GlobalProtect App Customization) without requiring kernel extensions.

Go to Network => GlobalProtect=> Gateway=> Gateway <name> > Agent=> ClientSettings=> <Config Name>=> Split Domain=> Domain and Application => Exclude client Application Process Name. Enter the application path where zoom is located in client. Here is a list of paths you can use: Commit.

GlobalProtect domain split tunneling : paloaltonetworks

GlobalProtect domain split tunneling Has anyone configured and more importantly got a domain split tunnel working that is available on 8.1.x PAN-OS? We have tried to use this feature to split tunnel an access to O365 domains/URLs, but excluded O365 domains are.

It’s always dns. It’s kind of a joke, but DNS really does cause a lot of problems, and in a split tunnel configuration when you’ve split-tunnel the traffic by application, the application is still going to resolve addresses by the servers you specify in the GlobalProtect configuration.

Split tunneling based on the domain is not working. We need to monitor our user’s web traffic while they are on roaming. While users need to connect GlobalProtect and Cisco Any connects simultaneously, some traffic should go via Cisco Any connects and rest of them via GlobalProtect. I tried split tunneling based on the domain but no luck.

Note. This topic is part of a set of topics that address Office 365 optimization for remote users. For an overview of using VPN split tunneling to optimize Office 365 connectivity for remote users, see Overview: VPN split tunneling for Office 365.; For information about optimizing Office 365 worldwide tenant performance for users in China, see Office 365 performance optimization for China users.


Our GlobalProtect firewalls are running version 8.1.15 and another 9.1.4. We allow Split Tunnel, and one firewall has a Include Access Route, and the other does not. Both don’t have any Excluded routes. The one firewall (9.1.4) does have.

GlobalProtect: Implement Split Domain, Applications, Exclude Video Traffic Configuration: How to configure a GlobalProtect client to get the same IP address: GlobalProtect Clientless VPN SAML SSO with Okta: Exclude Domains From GlobalProtect Tunnel: How to Configure GlobalProtect using Pre-Logon in PAN-OS 9.0.

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