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does protonvpn work for netflix

Yes , ProtonVPN does work with Netflix. But there are some things you should know. ProtonVPN has a free version without any time limitations, but it doesn’t work with Netflix. Only servers with the PLUS symbol do. That means that you have to buy ProtonVPN PLUS or ProtonVPN Visionary to connect to the VPN servers for Netflix.

ProtonVPN works with Netflix. In our tests, the VPN unblocked US Netflix every time. Its speeds are fast in every server location, allowing you to stream in high definition. However, the free version of ProtonVPN doesn’t work with Netflix, and the paid VPN subscriptions are expensive.

ProtonVPN users can watch Netflix on our VPN servers in almost every country. The US version of Netflix is particularly popular because it offers a much larger catalog of titles than is available to subscribers elsewhere. By default, if you use ProtonVPN to watch Netflix you will access the United States Netflix catalog.

The good news is that ProtonVPN works with Netflix in 2021, but as per my testing, it only works for US library of Netflix. Also, note that you will need the “Plus” subscription of ProtonVPN in order to access Netflix. The free, basic, and other plans lower than the Plus won’t work for Netflix..

Does ProtonVPN Work With Netflix?

ProtonVPN Netflix Check. When we tested ProtonVPN, we were able to access and stream content on Netflix US from our location in Europe. Thanks to decent speeds on the US servers, we were able to run everything in full HD without any buffering issues. We also successfully geo-spoofed Netflix Germany and Japan, but the servers in Japan provided us with subpar performance.

Well, surely it does but it comes with a catch. To be precise, ProtonVPN claims support for only Netflix US, UK, Italy, and Germany. If you want content from any other country, then you will have to look for another VPN. Furthermore, ProtonVPN works with Netflix only if you are using the ProtonVPN Plus version of the program. The free version’s servers don’t work with Netflix..

I launched a ticket with support and they don’t seem to know about the situation. It seems that Netflix banned all non-isp ASNs. Other VPN services are clearly aware of the issue but I don’t hear anything from Proton. Non-US servers are working fine with Netflix for me.

Please note, that at the moment, cryptocurrency payments are accepted from the existing users only. ProtonVPN’s Free version is the best free VPN deal I’ve seen so far. The paid options are excellent for a security-first user who doesn’t need good speed and is fine with only US Netflix..

ProtonVPN Review: Premium VPN or Seriously Overhyped?

ProtonVPN is OK for Netflix. It supports a few different regions, but doesn’t support as many Netflix libraries as other top-name VPNs, such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Let’s see what they state on their website about Netflix streaming with ProtonVPN: ProtonVPN users can securely watch US Netflix when connected to any ProtonVPN Plus server located in the US.

Our test found that ProtonVPN Free does not work with US Netflix or BBC iPlayer. The VPN is not suitable for unblocking content and will not work with any streaming service. ProtonVPN Free can access YouTube and other open video platforms, as these don’t typically check (and block) for.

Does ProtonVPN work with Netflix? Yes, it works great at unblocking Netflix libraries worldwide. ProtonVPN has plus servers that are specifically designed to unblock streaming platforms. This means you’ll need at least a Plus account to access Netflix. The plus servers aren’t available on basic plans, and basic servers can only access a version of Netflix with the movies and shows that are.

I launched a ticket with support and they don’t seem to know about the situation. It seems that Netflix banned all non-isp ASNs. Other VPN services are clearly aware of the issue but I don’t hear anything from Proton. Non-US servers are working fine with Netflix for me.

Does ProtonVPN Work With Netflix? | Privecstasy

So ProtonVPN does support Netflix – Netflix US that is. And while it may be somewhat limited, it nonetheless works very well. Just remember to switch servers if it unexpectedly stops working. Try ProtonVPN. They’re recommended and they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. For more information on ProtonVPN, check out our ProtonVPN review.

ProtonVPN can unblock Netflix; there’s certainly no debate about that. In fact, ProtonVPN is very clear about this. However, it needs to be via US, UK or German servers, which are only available on a Plus pricing plan. While ProtonVPN says it can unblock Netflix, we wanted to try it out.

Is ProtonVPN good for Netflix? Yes, ProtonVPN does work with Netflix and other popular streaming sites. You can simply connect to a US server, open up Netflix on Roku and easily access any show exclusively available on US Netflix. How many servers does ProtonVPN have? ProtonVPN offers around 1,059 servers in 54 countries.

Yes, ProtonVPN does work with Netflix. ProtonVPN marks specific servers with a P symbol, indicating a “Plus” server. ProtonVPN claims that Plus servers in the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, and India should work with Netflix.


Many of us use VPNs for day to day needs like Netflix, torrenting, accessing blocked sites at the workplace, and much more, we got you guys covered. With our simple steps, we will give you a ProtonVPN 7 day free trial at ease so that your browsing never stops. So lets dive in. ProtonVPN Free Trial: Quick Setup Guide.

ProtonVPN does allow one to watch all Netflix content regardless of your location where you might be in the globe and still be aware of the description that your Netflix subscription gives you, no matter where you are. Not only the content. Not only with Netflix, but it also does work with a firestick.

ExpressVPN and ProtonVPN are both popular VPNs with millions of users. However, in our tests for this ExpressVPN vs ProtonVPN comparison, we identified some major differences, particularly in the area of performance.Overall, both of these VPNs are decent options, but there was a clear winner in our test results.. In this ProtonVPN vs ExpressVPN comparison, we compare these two.

ProtonVPN Review. 3.7 out of 5. Ranked #4 in Best VPN Services of 2021 (tie) Ranked #1 in Best Free VPN Services of 2021. ProtonVPN ties at No. 4 in our rating for a.

ProtonVPN review: A superb free option | T3

ProtonVPN is the go-to choice for free use with lots of data capacity, in fact it has unlimited data. On top of that this will also let you unblock streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus.

ProtonVPN works reliably with Netflix, and I was able to easily access the US version from overseas. I tested several US servers, and 3 out of 5 worked on the first try. ProtonVPN also works in multiple other Netflix regions, including the UK, Canada, Germany, and Japan .

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